Sound of Mull 2013

Organised by the lovely Anna Nuttall and Matt Newbound, this trip took place in the tiny town of Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. 10 of us made the long journey up on a Saturday morning. Having travelled 8 hours, with several stops we made it to the lovely world of Loch Fuchan, where there were 2 wooden cottages waiting. After an evening of beer, pizza and banter we took to bed for the early start the next day.


We got to the pier in time to catch the Peregrine, our boat for the day, with the Skipper David Fergeson. We drove out through the choppy sea, to dive the Breda, kitted up and dropped in. This was a fun little bimble dive, though I was pretty nervous as it was my first sea dive in the UK. But it was awesome : ) After surfacing, and tucking into some dinner, we were transported to the next wreck known as the Thesis. Here we carried out two dives, travelling through the ins and outs of the wreck and gently drifting through a kelp forest. After returning back to the lodges, we all pitched in and cooked up a super-hot chilli and crashed out to Back to the Future 3.


The boat was a different one today - the Sound Diver, ran by Allen and Gary. After setting up on board, we headed out 2 hours, via Loch Aliane, to the Hispania. A pretty wreck covered in soft coral and multi-coloured floral. During the surface interval we visited the island of Toblemory, better known as Balomorey : ) where we ate fish and chips in the sunshine! This was then followed by a wall dive, at Calves Island, where there were starfish and sea anemones galore! The day was rounded off by a trip to the pub, "The Barn", where the food was great, and the night was filled with laughter.


Last day diving :( This morning the boat was waiting for us when we rolled up in the harbour, we pootled out to visit the Shuna, a massive wreck which was well intact and still had a massive propeller. The dive ended in a funny ascent, with loads of us hanging onto the shot line, making it feel like an underwater Jacuzzi. The final dive of Mull was my favourite, on the wreck the Rondo. Lying at an acute angle there was loads to see however deep you dove. The entire hull was covered in flora and starfish with millions of legs. Beautiful bimble dive. The last night was spent eating fajitas, bbq'd  chicken and a trip to the pub.
This was an amazing trip, filled with so much laughter my stomach still hurts. I felt privileged to dive with everyone, and feel like it's a huge family.

Amy Buchanan - Sports Diver, Sheffield Hallam University Sub Aqua Club


We've had a very successful intake this year, with around 20 new divers being trained and a hanful of divers who area already qualified joining.

We're off to the Farnes at the end of November to see the seals. Wish us luck!

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