We are in the lucky position to have the support of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union enabling us to offer the best value SCUBA training. This is partly made possible by the Union funding our pool and servicing our kit and our volunteer instructors only getting some expenses reimbursed. Most of these costs are covered by our membership fees which also pay for new equipment purchases. We are currently looking for sponsorship to enable us to reduce the cost for new members to encourage more people to join. If you can help please email for more information.

The club owns 20 full sets of SCUBA equipment, meaning you can learn to dive without spending a fortune on kit. There are some basic kit items we recommend you buy yourself (mask, fins, boots, gloves and a hood). If you are enrolling on a course, you will also need to buy a Training Pack from BSAC.

Membership Fees

The membership fees have to be paid by all members. These allow you to use club kit, come on trips and undertake the training we offer. However if you are qualified, own all your kit (incl. cylinder) and you are only here to dive you do not need to pay SHUSAC Membership!

SHSUSAC Membership £ 65 Covers some of our overheads, e.g. equipment purchases
BSAC Membership £ 27 for Students This includes third party insurance.

Additional Costs for New Divers or Continued Training

This table outlines all the basic costs to take you up to Sports Diver level.

Basic Equipment £ 100 Mask, fins, boots, gloves & a hood. We recommed you to buy this as it is more expensive to hire!!
Training Materials £ 38 Per pack, includes all manuals and lecture notes, as well as your qualification book.
Training Weekend £ 110 Cost for fuel, accommodation, equipment, site entry, air fills and food for a weekend diving in Open Water


We've had a very successful intake this year, with around 20 new divers being trained and a hanful of divers who area already qualified joining.

We're off to the Farnes at the end of November to see the seals. Wish us luck!

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